Monday, December 8, 2008


 Hello, avid readers. I am afraid that I, Trent Reznor, have made an awful discovery. A discovery of deceit, of lies, of a tasteless charade, of a counterfeit, of a man who makes me want to bleed.

That, my good friends, is a blatant IMPOSTOR. Who is he to take my identity from me, the very parts of my soul that make me who I am, and metaphorically smash them to bits, digging them a hole, burying them deep into said hole, and pissing on the grave - what right does he have?! I'll tell you what right he has: NO RIGHT.

When I received the email notifying me of this on my iPhone, I would be a lying man if I said I didn't shed at least one tear. This breaks my heart, knowing that someone would go out and humiliate me like that! As the tears fell on my shiny, pristine iPhone's screen, I read the email, and I thought "Tront Rozboz is a dead, dead man." You hear me, "Rozboz"? You're dead! DEAD!
Not only does he actively seek out ways to humiliate me, he also is the cause of these waterspots on my iPhone. Waterspots... well, let it be known that when said spots come from the black tears of Trent Reznor... the spots DON'T COME OFF.
And you thought it couldn't get worse? My warranty expired YESTERDAY.

But back to "Rozboz". Scoff. I scoff at his stupid, immature attempt at humor. First of all, he makes fun of the friendship Steve Jobs and I have. That is so not cool. Can you believe that this imbicile has 32 followers?! THIRTY-FUCKING-TWO. Sixteen times fucking two. 32 people BELIEVE his impostory. Is impostory even a word? Fuck it. Fuck it all. I hate this man. Taking my name, distorting it in the stupidest way possible, and then acquiring "fans"! Oh, his adoring FANS! "Oooh tront i luv u!!!! <33333" is probably not far from being an exact quote from one of those digusting bottom-feeders. Leeches. All of them, leeches. I hate Rozboz. I hate that man.

. This man makes me bleed. When one only knows how to hate.... we bleed. This... this pointed blade, so beautiful, shining in the glow of my MacBook's screen... I shouldn't... I really shouldn't.

Just when I thought I didn't have enough bloodstains on my MacBook already, well... there's more. Here they are. For all the world to see. I hope the world sees, sees just how much Tront fucking Rozboz makes me BLEED. This once beautiful MacBook, now stained forever by my torment, and by the blood Tront Rozboz has make me spill. Tront Rozboz is now forever staining my MacBook. Fuck it. I should just go slit his fucking throat, drink his blood and stain my MacBook further. Victory stains. Victory blood.
But no. All I have right here is my stained MacBook, my two expired Apple warranties, my knife, and my body.

red is such a beautiful color...



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